Karen headshot

By Karen Cole

You Are NOT Disabled, Too!

I meant it when I said to you that disability is
Not a “state of mind,” nor spirit, nor emotion.
Tendencies to regard people as the source
Fertility of spiritual essence make me puke.

“Goodness” is the standard you must bear
When every day the tactic is to be warmer
Than ice trickles capturing the essence of
A cold doubt about when you are disabled.

You’d like to think you’re still normal, also
Always young, forever unmatched by time.
You know the mirror has told you only your
Story: the end of your life being what it says.

Hear voices, feel touches, see sights you’ve
Seen before as you gimp around the block,
Hurting too deep inside at the lack of sanity,
Hearing, “You people are all street people!”

And go inside, pulling your wheelchair over
To the television, having no job and no way
To have sex ever again, or get married well,
And tell me once again that you’re disabled.


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