Winter Calls the Way of Life


By Karen S. Cole

When winter winds down the grey salted pavement
Superciliously spins the snowflakes of grave doubt.
I found trouble brewing around the next traffic light
Without no one to confide in me – neither slams melting.
As trickle face sliding icicles creeping over Ohio,
I saw the spears entering my chest via your nose.
It came to me you were all really people white –
It came to you I had finally found us out now.
And we stood together in a back yard in Gahanna,
Ohio where the winter kills anyone who stands
Around in a back yard loving every minute of it.
We were children of the snow for the briefest ten seconds,
As we sliding down the roof dripped ice pieces of
Drippy freezing clarity that spawned a Snoopy castle.

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