The Invisible Mitzvah: Memoirs of a Ghostwriter

the invisible mitzvah

By Karen S. Cole

This book is about how I saved Seattle from a giant spreading forest fire. By reading a book by a very evil man who found that he needed to be a good person and that was kept from him by circumstances beyond his control. He reminded me so much of my sister, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. He had a life, but he complained that he couldn’t do any good. For anybody. I’m a victim of my own sibling rivalry is all I can see. But over time, I’ve come to understand more about what happened during some monumental events.

On the other hand…I write comedy and magical realism. So my book reflects that copiously, including love affairs I had briefly with Jerry Lewis and Ted Bundy. Tragedy and comedy intertwine throughout this first book in a two-book memoir series.

The Invisible Mitzvah is my ribald, facetious, fiction based on fact memoirs. It recounts actual love affairs I had with the famous and the infamous among men of the last century and this one. I’m a book ghostwriter. But my primary purpose in life was to save human lives by fighting forest fires. Other than that, I was a home health care aide for the Independent Living Movement and spent 16 years and counting arranging the publication of well over 500 books, scripts, screenplays, music pieces, business documents et al.

Well, that was it by acclamation. It’s your life stories and books, screenplays, scripts, music, art, business documents and other wonderful stuff that matters to me. So do read the below if possible. Meanwhile, my memoirs cover the ground mostly of what I’ve done along the lines of being inspired by other people and their books, movies, TV appearances, and my many loves and lovers.

I was assigned at school to study the Holocaust and one of the evilest men in human history. With whom I found myself being inadvertently attracted, once I began to reason things out. Evil wasn’t what I found so attractive. So I set out to do good in my life, to make up for some major human losses. Also, the National Parks and Recreation Department and the US Forestry Services, plus President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, not to mention Malcolm X and Dr. King, pointed in the direction I wished to go. I ended up preventing two forest fires in Washington State. The biggest one was on the night of June 16-17th of 1986.